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Why Us

Emergency care

Ensure that your emergency care unit is staffed with skilled and experienced Ensure that our emergency care unit operates 24/7 to accommodate emergencies that can occur at any time.

Home services

Convenience for Pet Owners Home services provide convenience for pet owners who may have difficulty transporting their pets to the veterinary hospital

Inhouse Automated Lab

We have our own automated Lab innovative tech for pet care. Streamlined testing, monitoring, and diagnostics. Enhancing health and well-being of furry friends.

Breeding consultation for all animals

Overall, consulting a veterinarian with breeding expertise helps ensure the health and welfare of both the parent animals and their offspring.

Elective surgeries

castration and spaying are surgical procedures performed on animals to remove their reproductive organs. Both procedures are important for various reasons, whether for home pets or street dogs.

24/7 Help Care

24/7 WhatsApp Helpcare: Instant assistance for your needs. Expert guidance at your fingertips. Convenient and reliable support round the clock.

About SPA

Why Pet Spa is Very Important & Our Priority

Maintaining cleanliness

Promoting healthy skin and coat

Controlling shedding

Preventing matting and tangling

Monitoring overall health

Improving comfort and well-being

Our Core Beliefs

That's wonderful to hear! Having the best and morally-driven veterinary doctors for pets is extremely important for the well-being and care of animals.

When veterinary doctors are dedicated to providing ethical and compassionate care, it creates a positive environment for both pets and their owners.

Services in our Spa

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What Client Says



Excellent care for my pets. Compassionate and skilled team. Highly recommended for all your veterinary needs.

Praveen kumar
Praveen kumar


Amazing doctor for my pets. Knowledgeable, attentive, and caring. Trustworthy and dedicated to providing the best care possible.


Balaji Finance

Incredible home care doctor for my pets. Convenient, personalized service. Skilled, compassionate, and goes above and beyond. Highly recommended for stress-free pet care at home.

Dr kaarventhan
Dr kaarventhan


Pet Parent Review for Low-Cost Cat Vaccination: Affordable and reliable cat vaccination at our hospital. Great value for money without compromising quality. .